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Part Three soundscape adapted from the bio-sonification recordings of Tosca Teran.

SUPER honoured to have been able to work with Lisa and her team towards this amazing installation/work!

Transmissions is a three-part, 6000 square foot multimedia installation by award-winning Anishinaabe filmmaker and artist Lisa Jackson. It extends her investigation into the connections between land, language, and people, most recently with her virtual reality work Biidaaban: First Light.

An Indigenous Futurist Installation

world premiere

September 6 – 28, 2019

Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre

SFU Woodward’s – 149 West Hastings St, Vancouver

Tuesday to Friday 1pm- 7pm; Saturday & Sunday 1pm – 5pm  FREE
Produced by Electric Company Theatre in association with Violator Films
In partnership with Simon Fraser University, SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs, supported by the SFU Aboriginal Strategic Initiative.

Projections, sculpture, and film combine to create urban and natural landscapes that are eerie and beautiful, familiar and foreign, concrete and magical. Past and future collide in a visceral and thought-provoking journey that questions our current moment and opens up the complexity of thought systems embedded in Indigenous languages. Radically different from European languages, they embody sets of relationships to the land, to each other, and to time itself.

Transmissions invites us to untether from our day-to-day world and imagine a possible future. It provides a platform to activate and cross-pollinate knowledge systems, from science to storytelling, ecology to linguistics, art to commerce. To begin conversations, to listen deeply, to engage varied perspectives and expertise, to knit the world together and find our place within the circle of all our relations.

Produced in association with McMaster University Socrates Project, Moving Images Distribution and Cobalt Connects Creativity.

Supported by The Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter 2017 and Beyond, The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council, SFU Faculty of Communication, Arts and Technology, The Hamber Foundation. Transmissions was one of 200 exceptional projects funded by the Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter 2017 and beyond.

Production Team

Clayton Baraniuk, Artistic Producer

Lori Lozinski, Executive Producer

Mark Eugster, Production Manager and Technical Director

Miles Lavkulich, SFU Production Manager and Technical Director

Rob Neilson, Editor and Visual Effects

Creative Team

Lisa Jackson, Artist

Alan Storey, Creative Director

Kelly Richardson, Part Three Video Artist

Shawn Cole, Sound Design

Anthony Diehl, Projection Creative Technologist

Ian Wojtowicz – Educational Exhibit Designer

Bob Aschmann, Director of Photography

Lindsay George, Director of Photography, Part One: City

Joey Jacobson, Shadow City Development Designer

Emilee Gilpin, Researcher

Ainsleigh Spencer, Fabrication Assistant, Researcher

Tiffany Moses, Assistant to the Sound Designer

Featuring Jeneen Frei Njootli as Digging Woman in the Part 2 film “Unearthed.”

Part Two soundscape adapted from sounds by Laura Ortman and Raven Chacon.

Part Three soundscape adapted from the bio-sonification recordings of Tosca Teran.

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