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Due to COVID-19 all of our March and April workshops have been cancelled. Because we had no idea any of this was going to happen, we purchased materials and supplies towards these classes with payments received from registrants. We have also put this money towards our rent. We are fortunate to have a studio space that we can work out of and share with others in our community, however, running workshops is our primary source of income making cancellations scary for us. 

Our primary goal for the studio has been to make it a fully accessible metal and glass and electronics and bioart studio for artists in Toronto. 

Turning a studio into a full blown glass shop (no pun intended) is pricy. We continue forward with this endeavour. 

Metal-smithing: we essentially have that covered.

Electronics: covered.

BioArt: partially covered. We still require a Laminar hood.

Meanwhile, our workshops are being re-configured to go online. Some workshops will be PWYC, some will be sold through Gift Certifcates (below). 

Thank you for your continued support through this curious time!



nanotopia is back in Toronto 

Studio address: 322 Harbord Street

Toronto Ontario M6G 1H1, Canada


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