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about nanotopia

Andrei Gravelle and Tosca Terán are interdisciplinary artists whose works are a confluence of art, ecology and craft. Together they envision Nanotopia.  

From the Midnight Mushroom Music archives, the Mycelium Martian Dome to fungi-controlled VR experiences, Nanotopia constructs soundscapes and installations involving biodata-sonification of fungi, drawing awareness to the destruction of our oceans, breathable air, and shared environment. How even the very act of observing a thing changes that thing forever.

Their work has been featured at, The Harwood Museum, SOFA New York, The Design Exchange, MOCA Toronto, The Ontario Science Centre, Music Works, Vector Festival, Studio Art & Design Canada, SONICA21, Glasna Music, AMAZE. / Berlin, Venice VR Expanded, Ars Electronica and NAISA (New Adventures In Sound Art). 


Past projects include: Transgenic Morphosis, Orbis Tertius, An UnNatural History,

Chaos Fungorum, Wonderlandish and MyceliaVR. Please visit, bio-sonification.


Nanotopia's combined cv information can be found here.

Soundcloud Midnight Mushroom Music 

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