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Short update on progress so far.

Symbiosis/Dysbiosis is a mixed reality experience I have been working on for approximately 2 years now- conceptualizing, participating in various AR/VR workshops towards the virtual aspects. Meeting Sara Lisa Vogl during the New Nature exchange opened the next phase. We were then awarded a Remote Realities residency with Trinity Square Video (TSV) and Dames Making Games (DMG) that offers technical and financial support towards a 1st incarnation. The first version will be fairly scaled down due to COVID restrictions, and presented online October 2020. Our plan is to install the experience and potentially put a call out to TSV/DMG members towards taking part in experiencing this version- we will record participants in the VR experience, the fungi bio-sonification reactions- in what we think will render a different experience for each participant.

TSV have offered us funding towards bringing a consultant on towards supporting the sonification efforts. Last summer (2019) I participated in a Biodata to Unity workshop at Interaccess taught by neuroscientist Brendan Lehman. After which I have kept in relative contact with Brendan towards hopes of a future collaboration. I am excited to announce that Brendan is coming on board to consult towards bringing the bio-sonification/biodata from fungi into Unity!

More on what/how the fungi will be interacting with human visitors into this world- soon!

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