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Remote Realities

Super excited to be a recipient of the Trinity Square Video and Dames Making Games annual Themed Commission: a program inviting creative practitioners to produce or workshop new projects in a collaborative environment of like-minded artists.

VR artist/technologist, Sara Lisa Vogl and I are collaborating on the first iteration of Symbiosis/Dysbiosis.

A presentation will take place October 2020.

At the moment logistics around TSV studio/gallery access is underway. Equipment will be set-up soon. I've sent Sara a bio-sonification (for her birthday!) so we can get started looking at code towards bringing the biodata in Unity- via OSC and/or Uduino ? maybe both! We've been discussing the use of Shaders .. first we need to look at the data coming in from the bio-module!

Aaanyways, I intend to keep a bit of a journal over the course of this residency. Sharing where we are at, code being implemented, other artists and scientists assisting various aspects.

Check out Dames Making Games and Trinity Square Video! They are both fantastic organisations working in new media, they both offer memberships which includes studio access, workshops, mentorship and more!

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