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Mycelium Martian Dome

Mycelium Martian Dome

Tosca’s 3-month residency with MOCA/OSC culminates in her constructing and installing a geodesic dome made from mycelium grown ‘bricks’ at the OSC. Using 3D printed Eco ‘Nodes’ and laser-cut cardboard as support struts (that hold the mycelium bricks in place), allowing this entire structure to be decomposed after the installation. The interior of the Mycelium Martian Dome will house generative mycelium data visualizations, living Mycelium bio-sonification, myco-remediation examples, old growth forest terrarium along with educational materials concerned with mycelium, fungi composites and more.  Tosca would like to thank Ecovative Design, Moog Audio, Guttman Laboratory of Pathogen Genomics & Evolution and @MushroomGuerrilla for their generous support. More information may be found here,  or by following Tosca’s Instagram acc @MothAntler  

The Mycelium Martian Dome project is a huge undertaking and the artist is seeking financial sponsorship.

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