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Biodata into Unity & Beyond!

Nanotopia & Neurochems are leading a 4-part workshop series in:

Biodata-Sonification: into Unity 3D and beyond!

Wednesday evenings starting September 14th, running to October 5th, 2022

The workshops take place online via Zoom, and will be recorded for later viewing, Register here> (link goes to Eventbrite)

Q&A’s outside of workshop times will be open via our Office Hours on our Discord server.

• Part 1&2 walks people through (step by step) building a biodata module. and an Arduino Biodata Shield build, bringing the biodata into Ableton Live, and into TouchDesigner. MIDI & OSC streams.

• Part 3&4 walks people through building a simple world in Unity 3D, and working with biodata streams from plants, fungi and Brain waves!

Controlling a game using your mind and connecting non-human organisms into your music, and 3D worlds.

Examples of VR world environments include; Mycelia, OM3, and more. Participants with PCVR headsets will be invited to a special world-hop within VRChat, exploring some biodata enhanced environments.

For brain wave biodata: participants will have access to a database of different Alpha and Theta output for use during the workshop.

Workshops fees:

$30 includes access to the Brain Wave database for use during the workshop, and BOM* list to build an Arduino Biodata Shield**

$120 includes a full Biodata Module kit***, Brain Wave database access.

*electronic components list & where to buy them!

**Requires participants own an Arduino Uno & Solderless Breadboard.

***Basic soldering skills + soldering iron necessary. Weller & Haka soldering irons are the best and well worth the small investment! Check out Adafruit and Amazon for Weller and Haka

The workshop series covers basics in working with the following applications Ableton Live 11, TouchDesigner MIDI input controlling geometry, and other visuals, OpenSoundControl connectivity, OpenBCI data stream, Basic world building in Unity 3D, connecting data streams, and implementing them.

Neurochems aka Brendan Lehman is a Toronto based neuroscientist and coder. To learn more about them please visit,

Nanotopia aka Tosca Terán and Andrei Gravelle are Toronto based mycelium wranglers, synthesizer enthusiasts that have been researching and working with biodata-sonification of fungi for many years.

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