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Dome Dah dome dome DOME!

July 1st, Canada Day. 14 panels to grow and dry then installation at the OSC begins! I look forward to completing this project. It has been a challenge working around other people's schedules/expectations, including my own.

No doubt many compromises to my original vision have been made and are still having to be made. Merely due to time and space allotment. That said, I have to remain optimistic and positive.

July 2nd, I meet with the Dresslers to finalize plans, expectations (mine & theirs) and get the remaining forms completed.

July 4th I meet with artist/friend/colleague to discuss building the 'table-top' and Bio-Sonification touch plate holders. It is my hope this aspect can be completed by Monday, July 8th.

There will be 4 window panels and 4-5 panels of information, the remaining panels are mycelium composite.

In the centre of the dome stand an 8' plexiglass tower housing the synths, mixer, bio-sonification modules along with Martian and Lunar artefacts. Around this tower stands a hexagonal table. This table is where the Living Mycelium lives.

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