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Coalesce Centre for Biological Art

Half of nanotopia is heading to Buffalo Uni for April and May! Tosca recently returned from Venice where she was an invited tutor for the Biennale di Venezia College. An amazing opportunity and experience. Met amazing artists, producers, UX designers and creative technologists. Shared wonderful meals and drinks with like-minded people.

Now, the Coalesce residency begins. Tosca will be trained in working with several special microscopes. The Confocal, SEM and some time with AFM- all being utilised towards diving deeper into the Mycelium Network and production phase of the Symbiosis/\Dysbiosis project.

If you read this and would like to check out the Fungal Mycelium imagery coming from this residency make sure to follow Tosca on Instagram @MothAntler. Plus, a special performance has been scheduled for Earth Day 2022 while she's at Coalesce!

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